Malin Head and Inishowen in general, are in the midst of a Star Wars invasion at present. Our wee county is being placed firmly on the world map. Long overdue as we who live and breathe here know.
I venture regularly to Malin Head for a walk along the most northerly point of Ireland and it’s just a delight now to see so many folk taking that same wee trip so often. Here’s to Malin Head!
Earlier this morning it was also a delight that one of our very own natives in Iskaheen, Muff, welcomed the Star Wars gang for breakfast. Well if Collie was cooking, they might not make it to Malin Head, but fingers crossed Marie was at the helm.
Star wars muff
The Millennium Falcon was spotted outside Collies house shortly after dawn this morning. I’m guessing that’s why he was tidying up the garden in recent days.
Now all that’s left to ask is: Do the Star Wars gang like their eggs, scrambled, poached, fried, or boiled? Only Collie will know? Or is it Marie?