Star Wars in Moville

There’s a rumour going around town that Rosatos is going to close for the next two days as the Star Wars people are holding a private party.

That is incorrect.

As soon as I heard it I thought it would be incorrect.

They say that there is no smoke without fire.

Well, there’s plenty of smoke without fire in Moville.

Well it is partly correct.

Rosatos Open for Business

It seems that the Star Wars people WILL be in Rosatos for the next two nights, Saturday and Sunday, over the weekend – but it will still be open for local people as well.

Could you imagine lots of regular customers coming to Rosatos on Saturday night, dressed in their finery, to see Damien Sheridan play – only to see a sign on  a closed door saying ‘Shut for Private Party’.

You could imagine regular customers being upset by that.

However, it is not going to happen and never was.

Everyone Welcome

Everyone will be welcome as always including the Star Wars people.

It seems that there are around 80 of them being put up in the Moville / Greencastle area.

Some of the crew were involved when Grabbers was being made in Moville and recommended it.

I’m not surprised.

Rosatos Pub of the Year

It was the Sunday World’s Pub Spy’s 2012 Pub of the Year.

Tony Bramwell, the Beatles road manager and talent scout loves to sip a Guinness in there when he comes for the BeatlesFest.

Indeed he said that it is one of his favourite pubs in the world – and he’s been in a few.

So, both local people and Star Wars visitors will be in for a treat this weekend.

Sunday Night

There is likely to be music on Sunday night too as well as Damien Sheridan on Saturday night.

After the Grabbers film was made here, the leading lady and leading man bought a house in the area, i.e. in Redcastle.

Tony Bramwell said that his three favourite places in the world are Nashville, Hawaii and Moville.

I wonder if any of the cast of Star Wars will be so enamoured of the area that they will be tempted to buy here too.

We shall see!

Meanwhile we can look forward to two great nights.