National Songwriters Festival

The National Songwriters Festival is coming together nicely now.

It takes place in Moville and Greencastle from June 2nd to 6th.

Coming over from England to look for talent will be Tony Bramwell, ex Beatles road manager and Head of Polydor Records.

He’ll be hoping to take away a few CDs from acts he likes like he did last time.

Spring Tides

All the times Tony’s been over here, he’s never seen Spring Tides play.

He will get his opportunity this time.

They will be playing in The Clock on the Friday night along with one or two other acts.

Different Format

The format is different this time.

Normally we put acts on in several different pubs at the same time for the BeatlesFest and DylanFest.

However, acts are coming from all over the country, some of them because Tony Bramwell is coming. I know Tony is multi-talented but he just can’t be in different places at the one time.

So, we’re going to pick one pub and put all the acts on that night in there.

The Clock

So far, we’ve got Spring Tides and a Supporting Cast in The Clock on the Friday night.

Then we’ve got an acoustic songwriters session in McGettigans late Saturday afternoon in which Spring Tides will take part along with others.

At night we’re switching to the Sean Ti where Lawrence Hackett, who so many people remember winning the songwriter contest there from Debbie and Geraldine and Sean O’Neill from Dublin.

Sean’s coming back up to play too.

Sunday Afternoon

We’re having a session on Sunday afternoon / early evening in a pub to be decided yet. We will be having Leo McCauley and others then.

We are going to put on other top acts on the Sunday night in a venue to be decided.

We will also have an Open Mic somewhere on the Thursday.

It’s starting to take shape nicely.

If any singer / songwriters want a slot, or to take part in a session, they should get in touch with me at [email protected]