CraicOn Pint

I’m actually called CraicOn by some of the youngsters about town.

Occasionally I’ll be in a pub (usually Rosatos) and someone will say to me “Are you the CraicOn guy?”

It’s usually someone who visits the town from time to time.

CraicOn was read in 101 countries last year.

In fact 46% of all the people reading it are from outside Ireland.

CraicOn Readers (CraicPots)

It’s read by people who are from Moville but are living abroad.

They say it gives them a flavour of what people are talking about in Moville rather than the actual news which they can get online elsewhere.

Also, people who maybe come to Moville once or twice a year read it too.

Sometimes when they ask me if I’m the CraicOn guy they will follow up by buying me a pint.

A couple bought me one last night and very well received it was.

They are regular readers and I’d like to thank them!