Wind Turbine

There has been a backlash against the protests against the wind turbine which is going to be put in place out near Kinnagoe Bay shortly.

All the pieces of the turbine have been delivered and are being put together.

According to the story, there were over 300 people protesting the wind turbine by the tree at the bottom of Moville where the longest truck was to carry the main part of the wind turbine.

That’s not strictly true.

In fact, it’s not true at all.

Crowd Size

I made a rough estimate of the crowd there and it was probably just below 200.

Of that, perhaps 20-25 were protesters.

There was a second group who turned out to make sure that the tree at the bottom of the square was not damaged.

That came to about 10-15 people perhaps.

The other 150 people were just those that turned up for the craic or who had come out of their shops and pubs to watch.

Not very much happens in Moville, you know.

Malin Road

They watched as the truck tried to manoeuvre its way into the Malin Road.

It was all good fun.

However, over nearer where the wind turbine is going to be put many people were saying such things as “Not one of the protesters was born in the area.”

Local people said that they didn’t mind it at all and it had to go somewhere. They didn’t think that it looked that bad at all.

The developer said it saved people from using fossil fuels.

Some people reckoned that the same people who were protesting the wind turbine would be ones who would be against the use of fossil fuels and fracking too.

Donegal Council’s Irrelevant Unanimous Vote

One notes that once again, just like at Carnagarve, a unanimous vote by Donegal Council against it was once again ignored.

One wonders just how much power our elected representatives have and if they are not closer to being lobbyists than people with real power.

As well, it was a bit of interest in the area for a while.

Now we can concentrate on the Star Wars cast and crew being her for a while and they will provide a bit of interest as well as a whole heap of money.

They’ve already been spotted out and about Moville in various restaurants and pubs.

The better weather and overflowing tills should keep local businesses happy.