Star Wars Boost

There is going to be a major Star Wars Boost to the local economy.

It has been estimated that, with around 400 people coming to the area to work on the Star Wars film for over a month that there will be a million pounds boost to the local economy.

However, that could underestimate it.

The economic boost is even greater than the money they spend in the area.

Circulation of Money

According to the economic theory of the Circulation of Money, each Euro brought into an area circulates an average of 6 times, so 6 different people or businesses get the benefit of it.

If a shopkeeper gets more money, he, or she, might decide to get a painter or plumber in, who might spend it on a haircut , the owner of which might spend it on a meal out etc.

So,, if the money brought into the area is a million Euros that could well give the area a boost worth 6 million Euros.

Moville Economy

The recovery has begun in Moville and Inishowen.

Now this financial boost could give the local economy a kick-start with the tourist season coming up.

So, make the Star Wars people that you see about town.

Not only will they save the Earth, they will save Moville too.