Dodgy Banknotes

I was in Derry today first of all to go to the First Trust Bank right next to Sainsbury’s then to get some shopping at Tesco’s.

I got £200 out.

I got food and drink which came to about £143.

I got my wad out of my pocket of the ten £20 notes that First Trust had given me and peeled off eight of them.

Counting the Money

The shop assistant counted out the money.

The first six were all Northern banknotes and she was happy with them.

However, when she got to the 7th and 8th she saw that they were Bank of England notes.

She shouted over to the Information counter “What were the numbers on those notes again?”

The people waiting behind me didn’t look too pleased with the delay.

I said to her “That’s me caught now”.

Eventually one of he other girls on another till told her.

First Trust

She checked and was able to confirm that the girl at the First Trust counter hadn’t pulled a fast one on me by giving me dodgy banknotes and I went on my way.

It would have been very interesting if one, or more, of the notes had been dodgy.

The girl at the counter was very apologetic about it.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry” she said. “One of them has already been passed in here today”.

It looks as if someone is spreading dodgy Bank of England £20 notes in Derry and maybe further afield.

It would be wise for businesses and individuals to keep their eye out.