Moville Corner

There was great excitement in Moville today soon after 10:30am when the truck that will pull the wind turbine arrived.

It was expected that the turbine would be on it and sizeable crowd had gathered to protest against it and to make sure that nothing happened to the tree at the bottom of the road or to just to enjoy the big occasion.

It’s not every day that a large truck tries to turn a corner in Moville.

Moville’s Illuminati

Anyone that is anyone was there – Martin Farren, Dr McGinley, the Gardai, Enda Craig, Paddy McLaughlin, Brian Barr and many others nearly as important.

There was a photographer from a local newspaper there ready for a front page scoop.

Anthony Craig was filming it for posterity so that generations of Movillians can re-live the great day.

There were people from Carndonagh too and people from out near where the wind turbine is going to be.

They had drums and whistles and there was even a fiddler.

“Energy is Free” one protester shouted.

Sadly, not even water is free now.

Dummy Run

They were expecting the turbine – but all they got was the truck that would pull it.

It was just a practice.

No matter!

They were prepared to protest a turbineless truck.

They might as well. They were there anyway and their great day would not be spoiled.

It would have been better if the truck did have the turbine – but that would have to wait till another day.

Massive Crowd

What a crowd had assembled.

It was the biggest crowd seen in Moville since St Patrick’s Day.

Perhaps it should be made an annual event.

All that was missing was the burger and ice cream vans.

Then they saw it.

The truck that would carry the turbine came up Lower Main Street.

It was going to be a practice to make sure that when the turbine would come it would be able to go from Lower Main Street into the Malin Road.

Long and Winding Truck

It mounted the pavement just outside Annie’s Bar.

Would the pavement hold?

Yes it did!

Would it hold with a turbine on top of it?

We’ll have to wait and see.

It stopped just at the corner, by the Corner Shop.

Stood in Front

The protesters stepped forward in front of the truck.

The driver seemed amused and gave them a wave.

This was his 15 minutes of fame and he might as well enjoy it.

One would imagine that there would be quite a hefty fee for delivering the turbine too.

Perhaps that is why he was in such good humour.

Anyway the protesters stepped forward, with one woman standing right in front of the truck.

She wasn’t going to do an Emeline Pankhurst was she?

The gardai kept a watchful eye.

Huge Truck

It was a massive truck.

It stretched all the way from the start of the Malin Road down as far as Gillen’s.

Was this was Moville’s Tiananmen Square?

Was the unknown woman Moville’s equivalent to the unknown Chinese protester, called Tank Man, who stood in front of the tanks on that auspicious day?

Back to the Tree

Once they had made their point they moved back to just under the tree again and the driver continued to try to get into the Malin Road.

After several attempts, watched by several hundred spectators, on one of the most exciting day in Moville’s history, the driver finally made it.

It went very close to the butcher’s shop bringing Donal out to stand in his doorway to defend his turf if need be.

Moville Turns a Corner

Some people said it was just a truck turning a corner.

But no, it was much more than that.

It was Moville people standing together to make sure there was no jiggerypokery, no chicanery.

They wanted to make sure that the tree was not going to be damaged, or worse, removed to make space for the turbine when it comes.

There were several hundred people there to see the truck go round the corner.

The Real McCoy

Imagine what it will be like when there is a wind turbine on the back of it.

Martin Farren was there for the practice.

I think we need Enda Kenny or President Higgins when the truck finally has the turbine on it and tries to get round the corner of the Malin Road.

The Cardinal of all-Ireland needs to be there too.

It has to happen within the next ten days.

Get ready to party when it gets here.

Bring a picnic!

Be there or be square!