Bobby Does Dylan

He’s come all the way from Scotland to play to the Moville audience and tonight in the Caiseal Mara Hotel.

He’ll be playing in the main bar.

Robert attracted a good crowd for his gig at the Caiseal Mara during the DylanFest last year and already there have been people booking into the hotel for his gig this year during the DylanFest from August 25th to 28th.

He popped over to Moville to help publicise the festival and his two gigs on the Friday and Saturday night during it.

He got loads of posters put up all over Derry yesterday.

Bobby will soon be appearing on Scottish Television as the lead actor Danny Grainger in The Crews, which has been called the Scottish Sopranos and is about the gangs of Glasgow, or The Crews.

Movillians can see him tonight, though, in the Caiseal Mara main bar.