Bumper Music Weekend

It looks as if there is there is going to be lots of great music in Moville this weekend.

Friday Night

Starting off the weekend it is party night in Rosatos.

Playing there will be the up and coming band High Class Hobos.

It’s a 4-piece which is unusual for Rosatos and a real bonus.

Padyt the Shoe always plays in Rawdons on a Friday night wiht a mix of traditional folk and popular music.

Playing in Annie’s Bar will be Eamonn Sticks.

Saturday Night

The big news is that Bobby Does Dylan has come all he way from Scotland to play in the Caiseal Mara Hotel.

He will be playing in the small Function Room rather than the bar.

He’s bring his fantastic sound equipment with him.

It should be quite a show.

He normally charges to get in and will at this year’s DylanFest.

However, it will be a chance to see him free of charge on Saturday night.

That fantastic duo Debbie and Geraldine, the Decibellas, will be playing in Rosatos.

In Annie’s Bar it is Shane and Jessica another duo.

The Corner Bar always have country music on and Rawdons may have music too.

Sunday Night

On Sunday night is will be the ever popular Damien Sheridan playing in Rosatos.

Annnie’s Bar will have Rachel Hribar.

So there you have it. It sounds a great weekend.

I’m just disappointed I’ll miss Debbie and Geraldine to see Bobby Does Dylan in the Caiseal Mara on Sunday night.

I’m looking forward to hearing High Class Hobos too tonight in Rosatos.