Bobby Does Dylan in Moville

The man Bob Dylan insisted on seeing will arrive in Moville on Friday to play the Caiseal Mara Hotel on Saturday night.

A few years ago Bobby was booked to play at the Oran Mor in Glasgow, a venue of 9,000 seats.

It was a sunny day in Glasgow so he decided to play a few Dylan songs outside in the fresh air.

Soon the crowds of people flocked round.

It was like the Beatles playing on the rooftops at Saville Row.

Played on YouTube

The short session got recorded and posted on YouTube where it was seen by Bob Dylan.

He was impressed and got his people to get in touch with Scotland’s top DJ to find out who this Bobby Does Dylan is.

Bobby got a phone call one day to say that Bob Dylan wanted to meet him next time he was in Glasgow.

Sure enough, a few months later Bobby got the call to go and see Bob Dylan in his hotel room.


He got to speak to Bob for about 5 minutes.

“Thanks for playing my song Like A Rolling Stone outside the Oran Mor” said Dylan.

Bobby told him how much he like Dylan’s songs and they had a conversation.

At one point Bob asked Bobby “How are things. How are you doing?”

“It’s going well” said Bobby at which Bob, cupped his mouth, leaned forwards and said “you must owe me a lot of royalties then” before breaking into a smile.

Caiseal Mara Hotel

Now Moville and its guests will get an opportunity to see and hear Bobby Does Dylan.

Hs gig in the Caiseal Mara will start at 10:00pm on Saturday night.

It’s well worth seeing.

Bobby is also a top class actor and is playing the lead role, Tommy Grainger, in The Crews, which is like a Scottish Sopranos.

John Higgins the 4 times world champion snooker player is also in it.

The 6 episodes will air soon.

Bobby will be bringing the 20 minute pilot project of the series over to show audiences. He says it is not for the faint hearted.