The Crews

Robert Harrison, known by his alter ego Bobby Does Dylan when he plays Moville’s DylanFest, has landed a major acting role in STV’s The Crews.

This is billed as a Scottish version of The Sopranos.

Robbie has landed the lead role of Tommy Granger in it.

Six episodes have been filmed and the first goes out on STV soon.

It is being tipped to be a major success both nationally and internationally.

Robert Harrison the Actor

Robert is an actor by profession and has played with such actors as Robbie Coltrane, Robert Carlyle and Mads Nicholson, who played the part of Hannibal and was also in Casino Royale.

When he plays the DylanFest he not only plays the music but uses his acting skills to ‘interpret’ Dylan.

Others who will appear in The Crews are John Higgins, the former world champion snooker player and David Haymen who was in Trial and Retribution and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

Stuck Inside of Moville

Robert will again be playing Stuck Inside of Moville, which has become Europe’s biggest festival of Bob Dylan music, at the end of August in the Caiseal Mara.

Indeed, even before The Crews first episode has been aired, Robert will be coming to Moville to pre-launch the DylanFest with a gig in the Caiseal Mara on April 30th.

He is coming all the way over from Scotland for it.

Household Name

Robert is expecting a swathe of interviews in the run-up to the first episode of The Crews.

It looks like his career is advancing well both on the music front and in his acting career too.

He will be a household name shortly in at least his native country of Scotland and maybe further afield if those in the know are right.