Rare Boys

There are several terms used by Movillians that I am not quite sure of the precise meaning and the exact nuance of the word or phrase.

One of these is ‘rare boy’.

I used to hear people saying “he’s a rare boy” or “they’re a couple of rare boys, them”.

For a long time I thought it meant ‘gay’, that rare boys were homosexual.

However, I did ask one time and I was told that this was not the case.


When I ask local people for a definition of a ‘rare boy’ they hesitate as they are not exactly sure how to put it into words.

They say ‘strange’ or ‘unusual’ but they don’t seem quite happy with those definitions.

They know exactly what a rare boy is but they don’t know precisely how to put it into words.

Rare Girls?

One thing I’ve never heard said is “She’s a rare girl” or they’re a couple of rare girls, them”.

It seems, as far as I can see anyway, that ‘rare’ people are all boys.

I haven’t even heard the term ‘rare men’. It’s only rare boys.


I’ve asked for examples of ‘rare boys’ and been given them, and some of them seem to be the same.

I’m still not sure which part of their personalities is responsible for them being ‘rare’.

Maybe I could ask one of those pointed out to me as ‘rare’, “What is it that makes you a rare boy”?

I think, though, it is not considered a compliment, so maybe I’ll wait a while.

However, if you do consider yourself to be a rare boy, please come and tell me what makes you so rare.

It’s a curious thing.