This is from the old CraicOn from 2008. Someone in Rosatos tonight remembered the article and asked me what the 14 were. I could only remember two but I said I would look up the article and re-post it.

Wonders of Moville

I have a newspaper cutting which has a list of 50 Wonders of the World to See and Experience.

It includes Diving With Sharks, Going Over a Volcano in a Helicopter, Driving a Formula 1 Car etc.

What About Moville

It set me thinking about what you would put for the Wonders of Moville to See and Experience.

Not having been brought up here I asked some people who have and have come up with this list of 14.


This is not a recommendation to do these things as some of them are dangerous and some now illegal, so it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek if you like.

OK, here goes:-

14 Wonders of Moville to See and Experience

1. Jump off Moville Pier (no, not the old pier)

2. Walk to Greencastle and back along the shore

3. Climb into Piper’s Cave

4. Go across on the ferry on Good Friday

5. Take part in the Raft Race

6. Go winkle picking

7. Row Across Lough Foyle

8. Climb to the top of the Castle in Greencastle

9. Go speedboating in Lough Foyle

10. Cycle to Shrove and back

11. Go Waterskiing or Jetskiing on Lough Foyle

12. Eat at Kealy’s Seafood Restaurant in Greencastle

13. Go courting (pronounced coortin’) down The Green

14. Have a carry out down The Green (now illegal)

15. (a new one) Take Part in the Lighthouse swim

Some Ejected

I did take out Swim to the Lighthouse and back as I’m told it is very dangerous (outside the organised swim) and Ride a Horse across Shrove Beach as it is not a very common thing to do.

I stress again that this is not a recommendation to do these things as some are dangerous and at least one illegal.

How Did You Do?

So, how many did you get out of 15.

I’ve asked 3 people so far and they’ve got 13, 7 and 1 out of 15.

Only Four

I only got 4.

Well, I came here late and you can hardly expect me to go Courtin’ down The Green or taking a carryout there at my age.


Wait a minute!

I once took a bottle of wine there as part of a picnic.

That must count.

No Jumping Off the Pier

That’s 5 now for me.

Mine are 2, 6, 10, 12 and 14.

Don’t expect to see me any time soon jumping off the pier, though, to get my numbers up.

I think I’ll just stick at 5.