Spring Tides New EP

The first song I listened to was On and On.

There are a number influences here.

I would describe it as post-Beatles.

Indeed it would put me much in mind of a Beatles song like Dear Prudence but with more production.

Perhaps the closest would be ELO, or Electric Light Orchestra who were, as John Lennon once said, “the sons of The Beatles”.

They are perhaps best known for Mr Blue Sky but the sound of On and On is more akin to their first album and songs like 10538 Overture.

ELO said that their intention was to fuse Rock Music with Classical music and this song would fit into this description with the great production.

Paddy Nash has created a musical ‘wall of sound’ for Spring Tides on this song.

It’s very pleasant and melodic sound.

Definitely a good start.

Do Me No Wrong

This one reminds me of the early Beatles, e.g. from around the Paperback Writer era.

You could imagine them playing this in The Cavern in Liverpool.

It’s a very catchy number.

This is the single.

It’s been played on 2FM and Highland Radio.

I hope they don’t mind me comparing their first two songs to the Beatles.

I don’t know if they are even fans.

However, it can’t be too bad to be compared, or even spoken in the same breath as, what are generally rated as the best band of all time.

This ones a good song and I’m not surprised it is getting airplay.

Give Me Shelter

This one’s not a Beatles song.

It’s darker than that.

Indeed, it would remind me of Lou Reed and Velvet Underground with Take a Walk On The Wild Side perhaps the one it puts me most in mind of.

You could say it was The Tempest meets Velvet Underground – Caliban walks on the Wild Side.

Again a very good song and very musical.


I have to say that the production on this EP is fantastic and light years ahead of the other CDs they have put out previously which contained good songs but not the professionalism of this EP.

The base is great throughout.

Spring Tides hope that this is the one that might provide the breakthrough and take them to the next level.

I think that this EP certainly gives them the chance of that.

It’s certainly worth a listen to when it comes out.

I played all three songs twice even though I only had to play them once to review them – once for the review and once for me.