Moville’s Green

Plans are afoot to turn Moville’s Green into a Car Park.

It has always been a complaint by the town’s businesses that there is not enough car parking space in the town.

They say it has been holding Moville back.

Work will start in a few weeks time to concrete it over.

The Putting Green and Tennis Court will remain.

Also, people will still be able to take a shore walk.

Main Car Park

It will mean that the main car park in the centre of town can be turned into a pedestrian-only piazza, like you see abroad.

Businesses like The Clock will be able to put tables out there so that people can eat outside.

Next year, a perspex cover will be put over the square for times when it rains.

There is already a car park in the Green, which used to be part of the Green.

This will be expanded up as far as the White Wall.

Left to Moville’s People

Said a local activist “The Green was left, in perpetuity, to the people of Moville by the Montgomery Family. The Council should not decide what happens to it without consultation. Generations of Movillians have enjoyed the views over the lough while picnicking there”.

Said a Council Official “The Green will still belong to the people of Moville. It’s just that it will be a car park in the future.

“A precedent was set when they used part of the Green to build the car park in front of the old Waterfront Restaurant.

“The high part of The Green opposite the chapel will still be there and people can picnic there instead.

“This is great news for the businesses of Moville.

“It will also benefit the festivals too and means that we can free up the car park in the town square to turn it into a piazza”.

Work will begin at the start of May and it should be fully concreted over by August.