Eileen Dahill/North America/Minnesota

The Cadbury Egg banned

Cadbury Eggs from Europe are banned in the United States. The Cadbury Egg manufactured in North America are not the same. Sugar is the main ingredient versus milk in Europe. The chocolate content is 10% versus 20%. Even the color and texture of the “creme” yolk looks different. This has been upsetting to my family as we have relied on a steady diet of Cadbury Flake and Twirl (made in Ireland) and other Cadbury treats such as Toffee Crisps, Yorkie Bars and Malteasers.


But if there is a will – there’s a way – even if by accident.

Easter Egg Found

I was in a small shop that had all sorts of sundries and I spied a Cadbury Egg. A genuine Cadbury Egg. It might of been stored from a few years past. The staff person quickly summed me up and produced another genuine Cadbury Egg. (The other one must of been for “show”). I wasn’t sure how to respond. I hadn’t asked to purchase it. I made light of it and said, “Bugsy sent me.” But they didn’t crack a smile and gave me a look like – “Do you want it or not?”. I purchased my genuine Cadbury egg. Cash only.

Growing up with an Irish mom I knew that the Cadbury egg, a St. Patrick’s Day badge, and Irish Tea and a tin of biscuits were more important than any Aran cardigan. I hope this is not the last. But I now have my sources.