Live Music

There’s another feast of music in Moville over Easter.

There won’t, of course, be anything on Friday as the pubs are closed.

The Clock

The Clock are going for it big time with two of their top bands on this weekend.

Savage Henry will be on Saturday night and the very popular Electric Fly from Derry will be on Sunday night.


Rosatos have two of their best acts on too.

They have the fantastic Decibellas (Debbie & Geraldine) on Saturday night. That should get the crowd up dancing.

Then on Sunday might they have Niamh and Amy.

You may remember Niamh from James & Niamh days when she played regularly in Rosatos since she was just 14.

She will be joined by Amy Bonner.

Annie’s Bar

Annie’s Bar have the popular Maria McCormick on Saturday night.

I’m not sure who they have on Sunday yet.

Other Bars

The Corner Bar will have country music on, as usual, on Saturday night.

Rawdons are likely to have music too this weekend.