A revision session on Shakespeares King Lear will take place at Warrenview Manor in Muff on Thursday 31st March from 1pm – 3.30pm. This will focus on the plot of King Lear, characters and themes. An overhaul, indepth discussion will follow. We will also have a brief introduction to the life and work of Shakespeare.
Why not come along and avail of this worthy information session on King Lear. Help prepare to get that grade in June.King Lear
Cost for the session will be €20. Members of Muff Youth Club should contact a team leader to avail of the subsidy from the Youth Club.
Bring along King Lear text on the day and any questions you have in relation to King Lear.
Do you believe the Fool is one of the wisest characters in the play? Just who is the Fool? so many interesting arguements to be formed from this play.
Guaranteed to enhance your knowledge of the play!
For further details or to book your place, contact Grainne on 0863148541 or E: [email protected]