Tony Bramwell

I got a message today from Tony Bramwell.

It said “I’m on Radio Foyle at about 2.45 to after 3 I think!”
I would think that he must be going to talk, and be questioned about, the sad death at the age of 90 of Beatles record producer, George Martin.

George produced their very first album through to their last one.

5th Beatle

He was often called the 5th Beatle.

He introduced many of the sounds that they wanted and made suggestions for the music.

John Lennon once said “Some people though it was all George Martin. Some people thought it was all us.

“However, it wasn’t like that. It was the five of us together”.

Making Waves

They say that what lasts after we are gone, what we leave behind, are the waves that we make when we are here and how they affect the people who come into contact with us and what we have done even long after we have gone.

If this is the case then George Martin, while he was here, created a huge tsunami of a wave which will go on to affect people forever.

It’s not just the Beatles songs that affect people.

The Beatles, and George Martin, changed popular music and influenced many other bands and singers who followed on.

They changed people’s lives – and for the better too.

That will be his lasting legacy!

Rest in peace George.

Rest in Peace!


We will continue the legacy of George Martin and the Beatles once more this year with the BeatlesFest from July 28th to August 1st in Moville.

Tony Bramwell has confirmed that he will be coming again.

He wants me to book him into Barron’s.