March may have just arrived but the Muff Ladies arrived a long time ago. And earlier tonight was the latest gathering. As always it brought the usual fine wine, fine food, fine company and a new ingredient, JIVING!
I’m guessing not one of the other ladies were aware that today was my Rock God, Jon Bon Jovi’s birthday….and I had to sit through a flipping ‘Jiving Lesson’. I guess that’s my penance done for this month. I really must remember and be extra good next month and maybe they’ll treat me better!
What else did these gals get up to tonight? Most of course remains between those four walls. The walls of the house with the stove and the fireplace. The walls with the extra large conservatory. The walls that welcomed a very ‘secret Santa’ on Christmas Eve. And the walls that house a certain pair of ‘tan shoes’. Alas that is a whole other story!
Apart from the usual banter and goss, there was the new car…boy it doesn’t even need a key. The handbrake is a button. The lights dip all by them wee selves. Jee whizz I’m not living at all. Maybe I’m just not on the right side of the ‘law’!!!!!
Ah bless all the wee cotton socks cos there’s weddings a coming, there’s babies a coming, and there’s an over ’50’s night a coming. AN OVER 50’s night they said. Who are they kidding. “We’ll sneak you in” I’m told. How innocent are they in thinking that the hotel will allow me to stay on an ‘over 50’s’ night. My ID wouldn’t permit and my youthful looks would never allow! The 161 car might hide me in the boot and then the Oz suitcase maybe sneak me past reception. I’ll find a way to succumb to the ‘over 50’ club for just one night. One night only mind you gals. There’s no way I could do 2!over 50
And the trip to Oz that is forthcoming. Oh how jealous I am of that one. I can skip the jiving….I can even skip the ‘over 50’ if need be. But oh how I really want to be part of the Oz trip. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get something special back…hint hint…..
Of course the food was the highlight of the night (if you believe that you’ll believe anything), but alas it was good. Thank’s to the wonderful cook at ‘Saffron’ Derry it really went down a storm. indian foodDessert was yum. But who produced those ‘After Eight’s’ and me off chocolate for Lent. Pat on the back for this gal in passing on the favourite chocs. Straight to Heaven I shall go!
But alas the night was once again one of friendship and fun. One of great minds and good souls meeting and greeting. One to get the woes of the chest, and the advice from the wise. Friends may not see each other every day, or even every week, but they’re folk we know that are there…will help when we need it…and will push us when it’s necessary…and console us when it’s required. wedding
For now it’s ‘cheers’ to the forthcoming weddings, luck with the new wheels, awaiting the new arrival, and shucks to the dreaded ‘jiving’. Until the next time, adieu 🙂