My Vote

I don’t really know the parties very well here.

I know their names but not what they stand for.

I wasn’t sure who to vote for.

Till my son read me out something he found on the internet.

Poorest County

He said “it says here that Donegal has been the poorest county in Ireland for the last 31 years in a row”.

That’s astonishing.

That clarified my thoughts.

Not much money is spent here.

Not Supported by Dublin

Every other county in Ireland has a railway heavily subsidised by the Governement.

Not Donegal!

You would think they might subsidsie the ferry then.

Not a penny!

So, I decided that I’m not going to vote for any party who has been in power for the last 31 years in which Donegal has been the poorest county.

Why would I?

So that we get more of the same?

That’s crazy!

As someone said to me one time “the Celtic Tiger never got here – but we still had to give away our fishing rights”.

Party Leaders

I won’t be voting for Fianna Fail who got us into this mess.

I won’t be voting for Enda Kenny either.

Last time he said “not a cent more” but then loaded us up with debt which came to €31,000 for every Irish family by not standing up the EU, the troika and the German, British and French banks.

He also pissed me off the time he said that not a penny of compensation would be paid to the victims of nuns at the Magdalene slave laundry only to change his mind when he discovered that people thought they should be compensated.

Enda Kenny Bullied

Now all sorts of organisations, like the EU Auditors are saying that Ireland should never been bullied into taking on the debt of the German and French banks and passing it on to their people.

The German and French banks made bad investment decisions.

They loaned money to the AIB and Anglo Irish to loan people 120% mortgages to people who had shown no ability to be able to save money for a mortgage deposit.

That was a bad investment decision.

When that didn’t work they should have lost their money.

Irish People Conned

But what they did was that they went to the EU and said that the Irish people should pay them back the money they lost from their bad investment decisions.

That’s like losing money at the bookmakers in Moville and asking Donegal Council to pay you back the money.

Unfortunately for the Irish people Enda Kenny agreed with them – and loaded loads of debt on the Irish people. He said “we went mad”.

The Irish people had to pay not only for their own banks stupid decisions but for the stupid decisions of the French and German banks too.

They were bullied into paying it and Enda didn’t stick up for the Irish people.

My Vote

So, what I’m going to do is to give my first two votes to Independents and give my 3rd vote to Pauraig Maclochlainn of Sinn Fein.

I don’t expect the Independents to win so eventually my vote will go To Padraig.

I know that many people are put off Sinn Fein because of their IRA connections.

However, I think that they have some very able people and will do better once Gerry Adams, who reminds people of the past, quits the stage.

Stood up to Mrs Thatcher

However, I can’t stop thinking that Gerry Adams, who stood up to Mrs Thatcher, would never have capitulated on behalf of the Irish people to Angela Merkel the way Enda Kenny did.

Do you think that Gerry Adams, if he been doing the negotiations, would have capitulated as easily as whipping boy Enda?


I think Pearse Doherty and the other Sinn Fein candidate will get in anyway. Padraig will have more trouble.

That’s why I will be giving my first two preferences to Independents who won’t get in and then letting Padraig have it eventually.

I won’t be giving my vote to any party who were in power during the last 31 years when Donegal was the poorest county in Ireland.

That would be crazy of me.

As Einstein once said “the definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result”.

That’s my opinion. I’m sure you have your own.