Bobby Does Dylan

Bobby Harrison has been to Moville to play the DylanFest on the Lough for the past two years.

However, he is an actor by profession.

He has been on TV and the movies with such stars as Robbie Coltrane.

Now he has bagged a role in the new STV drama ‘The Crews’, which is being called the Scottish Sopranos.

Due to Air

It has already been filmed.

It is due to air on Scottish Television in six weeks time.

There will be 6 episodes and if the first run is successful they’ll do another series of them.

Bobbie Does DylanFest

Robert also intends to come over to Moville at the end of April to publicise his appearance at this year’s DylanFest in Moville in late October where he hopes to appear again.

Robert has actually met up with his hero Bob Dylan after Dylan saw a video on YouTube of him performing Like A Rolling Stone outside the Oran More in Glasgow and asked to meet him.

It will be great to see Robert in an acting role.

Watch this space for more details.