Spring Tides

Moville’s Spring Tides have released their first single on Wednesday.

So far it’s got over 1000 streams on Soundcloud and has been played on Highland.

It got re-tweeted by Chris Greene of 2FM who said it was “a very unique sound”

It was also re-tweeted by Tom Dunne from Newstalk.

So, it’s got off to a great start.


Spring Tides recently recorded some songs in the famous Sun Studios in Memphis when they were over there and these will be released soon.

I’ve already listened to the new single and it sounds great.

It has an early Beatles, Lennonesque feel to it.

They really are writing some great songs and the musicianship is very good too.

One person that I let hear it said “It sounds very professional. They sound like a really professional band on it”.

If you want to hear it all you have to do is click on Spring Tides New Single.



spring tides in memphis

Spring Tides at Sun Studios in Memphis