This post might be a little late, but better late than never. The Muff Ladies are back in town and as always they dine, wine, and all things fine, in style. The beginning of 2016 saw the ladies check out the new pad in town. Ollies at Ebrington Square in Derry got a visit and it was one that didn’t disappoint.
Food, service and well, the wine, was exceptional. The service was just fantastic. We were waited on to perfection. The food was divine in every way. And the wine, well what can one say? It was supposed to be a new year, new me kind of thing with all the said ladies but all things healthy went out the window for those few hours. Ollies
Now as always on these night’s the chitter gets up. The banter doth flow. And this of course was no exception. There was talk of the Christmas cheer. The party we all attended on Christmas Eve and that Secret Santa visit to a local shed. Whoever could it have been? The mind boggles!
And of course between engagements, wedding plans, to baby plans, it’s all systems go with this gang at present.
But this ended up being a night with a difference. Well it did for this sensible head anyways. As I had the sensible head firmly in place for this ‘one night only’ I offered to accompany one of the Muff Ladies to a ‘wake’ before we all returned to our habitual abodes. The other ladies decided to pop into the local, ‘Pig Wee Bar’ just to keep a certain two men company whilst myself and herself attended the ‘wake’. Now the Irish wake tradition is one to be proud of. It’s part of our culture here in the North West. As I didn’t actually know the deceased I suggested I just wait in the car. My partner in crime assured me she would be just 10minutes. I was in no panic I told her. And off she went. And the minutes ticked by…the time was ticking away. The Pig Wee Bar would be closing soon (I wasn’t going there, but alone in a strange car, in the freezing night air, I was just thinking to pass the time!!!) People came and went, but alas the Muff Lady clearly took a wrong turn! Or maybe it was the warm seat and cup of tea that lead to the time creeping on. But alas, she returned to take me home. Of course I had no problem sitting in the freezing cold, watching folk come and go, in the middle of countryside where I knew no-one. All in a night craid with the Muff Ladies.wake
As I went sensibly home, my driver was off to collect the other ladies from the Pig Wee Bar. I don’t doubt it wasn’t the easiest of tasks, but one that had to be done. As for me, lesson learned: next time I go out with the Muff Ladies, bring a book! Cos one just never knows where one will end up.
Muff Ladies it was as always a great one. The next excursion must be due soon!