Currency Fair is a service online that allows you to change your money at a great rate. Living in a border town such as Muff, many of us locals work in Derry and other parts of Northern Ireland. We are therefore paid in sterling and must then convert the money to euro to pay many of the household bills.
This facility at Currency Fair enables the ‘middle man’, ie. the bank, to leave the equation. Therefore you and I, the customer, are getting the benefit. The sterling rate has gone down of late so to get your best rate when changing to euro, why not benefit from the best rate at Currency Fair.
With the euro getting stronger at present, what better way now to convert money to sterling for that break away, that shopping trip to Belfast, or other.
For anyone interested in this service check out their website and see for yourself if it will be of benefit or not. One just never knows until one tries. Here’s hoping it helps save you a few squid!!
Clink on the link below and save those pounds/euros!
Currency Fair