by Enda Craig via the new CraicOn article submission page that is available to all.

Drinking Water

The EPA Drinking Water Audit Report ( see link below ) of the Ballyshannon plant ( also containing cancer causing chemical THM’S ) was completed on 16th May 2013 and recommended that its findings be applied to other Co Donegal plants with similar problems.

This is extremely important. Greencastle plant fitted the bill.

If this reports recommendations were carried out on the Greencastle treatment plant, which i assume they were but to no avail, then it is quite obvious this plant is beyond its sell by date and should be abandoned as recommended by the EPA.

East Inishowen Water Supply

Immediately, the integration of the Greencastle drinking water supply into the clean East Inishowen water supply (located at Carrickmaquigley, Redcastle) should be prioritised and demanded by all public representatives in response to the concerns of the local community.

It is almost beyond belief that Irish Water can send out and demand payment for drinking water that has the accepted potential to shorten your existence.

Having been paid for it already ( by vat and motor tax revenue since 1995 ) they come again and ask to be paid a second time for such a contaminated product.

Double Payment

Instead of double payment they should be asked to explain, in conjunction with all the Inishowen public representatives, why the hell this life threatening situation has been hidden and allowed to continue for all this time without anything being done.

The very least citizens should have been entitled to was notification that their drinking water was contaminated with cancer causing chemicals.

Irish Water should not be allowed to gamble with people’s health while they dither for a solution which is readily available

An investigation is called for.