Third Bin for Moville Folks

We published an article recently about the new system where we will have to pay for our rubbish by weight when it is taken away.

Remember when we got our second bin?

Instead of giving us bins that were pretty neutral in colour and would ‘disappear’ against the background we were given gaudy bright blue bins.

You can’t miss them.

Now, it seems, we are to get a third bin shortly.


Loads of Space

We’ve got loads of space in front of, or behind, our houses.

Why not send us more?

Of course, we are sure to get more.

If you go to Dublin you can see nice residential areas besmirched with 5 or 6 bins outside many of the houses there.

All of these different bins are supposed to help with the environment.

However, how does a plethora of bins in front of houses make Dublin a nicer place to live?

How does taking away bins once a fortnight instead of once a week, like we used to get, help hygiene?

More and More Bins

Don’t worry!

It will be here soon too.

We’ll get a fourth and then a fifth bin.

It will be difficult to get into our houses through this plethora of bins.

It’s yet another problem that our bureaucratic friends have heaped on us.

What next!