Donegal’s Generous People

I read in the Inishowen Independent’s Barr Talk today that the cost of a marriage, when everything is included, is €24,360 on average.

That’s what we spend on them.

It seems that Donegal people spend the 5th most of all counties in Ireland on average.

Poorest County

My son read out to recently that Donegal has been the poorest county in Ireland for every one of the last 21 years.

Yet, they are very generous when it comes to forking out for their children’s weddings.

They should be the least able to afford it.

Helping Those Affected by Tragedy

I’ve seen their generosity before.

Any time there is a major tragedy anywhere in the world the Irish people are among the most generous when it comes to forking out money to help those affected, whether in an earthquake or tsunami or whatever.

And Donegal is one of the most generous counties when it comes to putting their hands in their pockets to help this afflicted by tragedy.


I’ve been astonished when I hear the amount of money raised in collections by local churches.

I remember hearing that one church raised €12,000 for one tragedy.

When you consider that Moville’s population is less than 1,500 that’s astonishing.

Well done to the people of Moville and Donegal!

And remember to thank your parents after they have forked out for your big wedding.

Of all Irish people in all Irish counties, they can least afford it – but they did it anyway to make it a great day for you.