Crime Free Week

I had a discussion with a guy from Buncrana a few days ago in The Clock as regards local crime rates.

I said to him that the crime rate in Moville was half that in Carndonagh and Buncrana.

He said that this was because people from Carn and Moville came to Buncrana and caused trouble there.

I didn’t think that people from Moville went to Buncrana that often.

However, I thought I’d check in my Inishowen Independent today to see not where the crimes took place but where the people came from who committed the crimes.

Crime Score

Here’s the score this week for reported crimes from the courts as reported this week.

5 – Buncrana

4 – Carndonagh

2 – Malin

1 – Derry

1 – Clonmany

1- Gleneely

1 – Inch Island

1- Bridgend

No Crimes in Moville

One of the crimes committed by a Carndonaghan (if that is what they are called) actually took place in Buncrana.

There were no reported crimes at all in Moville.

Of course, it could be that people from Moville commit boring crimes that the reporters don’t think are worth reading about.

However, it fits in with the annual police crime figures which showed only 55 crimes committed in Moville last year.

Both Buncrana and Carndonagh have double the rate of crime that Moville does even when adjusted for Buncrana’s greater population.

Crimes by Incomers

I would bet that the 55 crimes committed would be even less if you took out the ones committed by people who are from elsewhere.

As you well know, when a crime takes place in Moville, when the jungle drums don’t know who committed it, the cry goes up “It’ll be one of those Derry wans”.

I think that Moville only has a couple of Garda left.

I suggested here, in jest, that perhaps we should all commit a crime each to make sure we don’t lose the garda that we have got.

Some people took me seriously and took me to task for this suggestion.

Well Done Movillians

However, I think that people in Moville should pat themselves on the back.

It’s more than 150 years since the last murder in Moville – something which most local towns can’t say.

I think that local parents and local schools should be credited for the fine young citizens that they are bringing up and educating.

I would say that the current bunch of youngsters are as good as any bunch of youngsters in the town’s history.

They are a pleasure to talk to and interact with.

Safer Than Most Towns

Buncrana and Carndonagh aren’t exactly teeming with criminals. They would be safer than most towns of their size.

However, Moville is still twice as safe as they are.

No wonder the Producers of the film Grabbers, when they wanted a sleepy, idyllic town for their movie, chose Moville.

Well done, everybody!