Rubbish Collection

I’ve had my leaflet, like I’m sure a lot of you have, telling me that I will have to pay for my rubbish by the weight of the rubbish.

The heavier the rubbish the more you pay.

Indeed, the leaflet says that from May 1st if I, or any of you, haven’t registered with them to do this, that our rubbish will no longer be collected.

Installing the Equipment

It seems that they will come and install the equipment which will measure your rubbish.

It seems that you can register online.

You have to provide your name, address, mobile phone number (I don’t have one) and email address.

It seems that this is now the law.

It strikes me that this would be a handy database of names and contacts for companies wanting to sell to us (or for Irish Water etc.).

One hopes that the details you give them won’t be passed on to others.


The leaflet says “Once you have registered we will send you a bar code label for each bin.

“You will then be required to place the bar code and sticker on the appropriate bin.

“Your work is them finished and we will call to chip your bin”.

Brave New World

So, is all this progress?

Is this what the people of Moville want?

Is this the brave new world?

Or is it something that is being foisted on them against their wishes?

Inferior Bin Service Now

A few years ago we got our rubbish taken away every week.

Even when it was privatised there were two separate companies who came to collect our rubbish.

We still got our rubbish taken away weekly.

One came on a Tuesday one week and the other came on the Wednesday the following week.

One Off Christmas Bonus

Then Logan gave their staff Christmas week off.

This was a one-off as they haven’t given them the Christmas week off since.

It meant that now both bin lorries were coming on the same week, Logan on the Tuesday and the other on the Wednesday.

It wasn’t ideal but at least if you forgot to put your rubbish out on the Tuesday you had a second chance the next day.

EU Regulations

However, new EU regulations came along which meant that the rubbish disposal companies had to buy a new bin lorry costing €86,000.

The other company, which must have been getting reduced income anyway, couldn’t afford it and packed it in – leaving only one company now taking our rubbish away.

The company remaining, Logan, is now in a monopoly situation.

Cost More?

Will having our rubbish taken away cost us more now that we have to pay for it by weight?

The people I’ve spoken to reckon it will.

Also, they reckon that people will start to burn more rubbish in their stoves and fires to keep down their costs.

How will that be good for the environment?

It’s all very well outsourcing services to save money.

However, the people of Moville only get their rubbish taken away once a week now – and they expect to have to pay more for their rubbish to be taken away in the future now that there is a monopoly situation.

How did we get to this state?