I don’t often complain about our wee village but the main road through it is an absolute disgrace at the present time. I drive through the village street numerous times on a daily basis. I may not be the most observant person when I’m driving (thanks to the music blaring from my stereo) but I do get a wake up call every time I go this very way recently. Thanks to the enormous pothole in the middle of it. My wee car might not be the strongest, or the most powerful, but it’s mine, and I’d like to keep it for the time being. I know the said pothole is there, and yet I always forget. And then, BOOM, I’m rocking to and fro as I pass the Squealing Pig…..not because I’ve just come out of the dwelling, but because my wee shocks are shocking me, thanks to that blasted pothole.Pothole
There’s an election coming up. Just in case you weren’t aware! I have many issues to contemplate before I place my vote this time. And this is just another addition to my already growing list.
So just WHO is going to fix this road? Who is going to save my wee car? Who is going to save all our cars? WHO?
Am I the only one who is getting a little peeved off with our road?car
Do I need to start a campaign to ‘Fill The Muff POTHOLES’? And NOW!