by Enda Craig

Donegal Council

In the first instance Donegal Co Council should explain to the local communities why they decided to ignore the democratic decision of the County Councillors in 1990 and moved back inside the estuary in 1996

Also a question for the County Councillors – ‘Why did they not object to the Council executive reversing their decision’.

This illegal decision caused a domino effect as the rest of the state agencies ( ABP, EPA, High Court, Irish Government) fell in behind and supported it.

This is important!

Carnagarve Totally Unsuitable

Recent research has shown that Carnagarve is totally unsuitable .

Consider this:-

1. The invalid Hydrodynamic survey which hid the fact that the effluent comes ashore on the beaches

2. The Distribution of Raw Sewage in the event of an emergency/breakdown which was hidden.

3. Sea-grass bed

4 Native-oyster bed

5. Mussel bed

6. Proximity of bathing waters

7. No access for host community

8. Illegal selection process etc, etc.

A modern plant ( not the stone-age one they proposed ) could fit anywhere way north of Greencastle.

It’s not for us to decide, though.