Play AeroDrums

I was watching the UK Dragons’ Den on TV the other night.

On it they had a couple of guys looking for an investment for their Aerodrums.

Using their equipment you can play the drums without even having a drum kit.

You don’t need a drum kit.

All you need is the software on your PC and two sensitive drumsticks.

High Resolution Cameras

Using high-definition cameras, when you move the drumsticks, the software is able to work out, using the cameras, what you are trying to do and makes the sound as if you were hitting real drums or cymbals.

It’s amazing.

It means that you can practice in the house with headphones on without disturbing the neighbours.

It also means that in pubs where space is too limited for a drummer, the drummer could play the Aerodrums instead.

No More Boxes

Currently you see in Rosatos and other pubs guys playing the ‘boxes’ or whatever they are called.

This is mainly because there is more room for those than a set of drums.

However, with the Aerodrums you don’t need the space that a drum kit would take – as there are no drums and cymbals there.

It’s difficult to describe.

Watch Aerodrums

The best way is to look at videos of people playing the Aerodrums on videos on the website.

Click on Aerodrums.

The cost is normally around £112.50.

However, they have a special offer of £99 at the moment.

I’m told that a good drum kit would cost you around a grand and you wouldn’t even get a cymbal for the cost of the Aerodrums.

Those I’ve shown so far, like Yeti James McIvor and Cathal Kelly of the Clock, have been amazed by it.

See it for yourself.