Foyle Hotel Reunion

There are plans to hold a Foyle Hotel reunion night in the Caiseal Mara Hotel on Easter Sunday night.

It is being organised by Eamonn Gillen and Caroline Irwin.

The plan is to have a reunion night for both the patrons and ex-staff of the hotel – with everyone invited, of course.

All the money raised will go to charity.

Great Bands from the Foyle

The organisers are currently talking to some of the great bands who used to play regularly at the Foyle Hotel to ask them if they would play on the night.

The plan is still provisional.

They are testing the air, or flying a kite, to see if it is worth doing.

Small Change

Remember bands like Freeway and Small Change who used to play at the Foyle Hotel?

It would be great if they were able to get those or some of the others to come out of retirement and play again.

That would get some crowd.

They are hoping to have music from 10pm to 2am on the 27th of March.

Foyle Barstaff

The organisers are even hoping that they can convince the Foyle barstaff to take over the serving for an hour during the night – perhaps people like John L.

However, it is no a certainty that it will take place.

Said Eamonn “if you could mention it we could get a feeling of how popular an idea it is and let people know that are no longer living in the area that it is happening”.

So, if you see Eamonn or Caroline let them know if you think it is a good idea and would attend.

Once they know it will be a success they will start planning for it.

It sounds great to me!

If you want to help out or even to play contact Eamonn at [email protected].