My wee car has been a tad neglected over the past few months (well maybe longer) due to a rather hectic schedule. That schedule is adhered to thanks to that same wee car. But alas the dust, the dirt, the sheer neglect began to take its toll. And so as I took a break it was only fair that the wee car got one too. It’s rather easy for myself to dust myself down with a hot shower followed by a glass of vino but the car would need a little more work. And so I asked around for recommendations. Quite a few came in. But I went with Pr Bodyworx based right here in Muff (well just a little outside the village). Pr Bodyworx
I wanted a day to get the wee car washed and dried, dusted and hoovered, shampooed and whatever else needed doing (there was a lot needed to spruce this car up again). Pr Bodyworx was able to work to my schedule and take the car on a day and time that suited me. Today was that day. I bid farewell to the my wee reliable friend shortly after 9am and hoped I wouldn’t recognise her on the return.
Earlier this evening the car was returned. I need sunglasses now to step inside. The shine is something I’ve never seen before. It’s clean, it’s tidy, it’s polished, it’s shampooed and it’s flipping clean inside and out. Anyone who knows me will know that this won’t last. For for the time being it’s a job well done. It’s a job well appreciated and it’s a job I’ll be sure to be needing again.
I’m not the domesticated type. I always believe that ‘dull women have immaculate houses and cars’ and I sure don’t have those. Well I have the immaculate car for now. All thanks to Pr Bodyworx.dull women
Pr Bodyworx is run by local guy Peter Rutherford and does a lot more besides valeting cars. There’s:
Crash Repairs, Respray’s, Dents And Scraps Removed, Insurance Work, All Types Of Vehicles Worked on. For a free estimate give him a call on 0044 7506886065