I guess I was secretly delighted when I was invited to visit the local playchool this week in Muff, Little Toby’s. I was always aware of it’s existence and location but having no children of that age for some time, there was no excuse for me to pop along for a nosey. But when Kathy invited me to come and see the new ‘Butterfly Room’ which opened last week, I jumped at the opportunity.DSC_8766
I called up earlier today during school hours so I could see just what takes place in the modern pre-school setting. I had envisaged messy kids playing with lego for hours on end. Boy was I surprised! I was welcomed into the new ‘Butterfly’ room as the children were singing ‘as gaelige’. Hey, these kids are under 5 so how can they know Irish? But, they do just that. And then as I went through the school to the ‘Rainbow’ room I witnessed story-telling, and much more teacher/child interaction of various forms. Then there was the litte ones (well they seemed even smaller than the previous rooms) in the ‘Sunshine’ room colouring and playing with bricks. DSC_8789
What stood out was the behaviour of the children and the smiling faces of each. I did try and join in a little but maybe I stood out just a tad. The lovely children did try and welcome me aboard but I could tell by some faces that maybe I was out of my depth.
Not only has Little Toby’s acquired a new room, but they have also welcomed four new members of staff in recent weeks. Alice, Gemma, Helena and Marian have now joined Ann and Kathy. It really does come across as a very close knit environment. DSC_8764
I was delighted to also learn about the expansion of the ECCE scheme. The ‘free pre-school year’ has been extended to allow children take up a place from when they are 3 years old up until they are either 5 ½ years old or they begin primary school.
With approximately 37 children already enrolled at Little Toby’s I don’t doubt there will be an influx as the new year approaches in September.
For further details regarding Little Toby’s playschool call 0749384237 or check out their fb page at Little Toby’s.