Joe Barr

Joe Barr is a regular visitor to Moville with his wife Sandra. He comes several times a year.

He has connections here. He is related to Patsy Barr.

Joe’s a pretty decent songwriter.

He wrote an excellent little song called Kinnagoe Bay and now he has put it together with some film of Kinnagoe Bay.

Click on Kinnagoe Bay to see and hear it on YouTube.

Open Mic Sessions

Said Joe:-

“Sandra and I have been playing quite a bit in open sessions and open mic nights throughout Scotland over the last year and, as we have gone down well, have decided to start playing gigs – all original material – and have our first professional outing in a couple of weeks time.

“As part of our marketing strategy, we are burning custom CD’s of our original recordings to order – 10 tracks of the listener’s choice for £4.00 plus postage, at cost, so if anyone wants to check out the tracks on our SoundCloud page The Barrs’ CD and get in touch we’ll be happy to oblige”.

Joe and Sandra will be bringing their gear over later in the year and are hoping for a few gigs in and around Moville.

So, if you like the songs you heard, you may get an opportunity to hear them live.

Joe can be contacted at [email protected]