From Moville to Moville, Iowa

We received the following two emails from Colleen Snead a couple of days ago.

“My daughter and I would like to plan a trip to BeatlesFest in 2016 but have not been able to find the dates. My great grandparents moved from Moville about 100 years ago and settled in Moville Iowa in the US. We love the Beatles and thought it would be a great time to visit.

I would really appreciate it if you could tell me the dates of Beatlesfest so that we can plan our trip.

Thank you very much!

Colleen Snead”

Irish Heritage

I gave Colleen the information and asked her a few questions leading to this reply yesterday.

“Thank you so much for your prompt reply. My mother’s family were Larkins, and I cannot remember the rest.

We have a genealogy done by one of her cousins – I will have to look at it. I suspect that there were a lot of people in Moville, Iowa with Irish heritage since the town was named after Moville Ireland.

Grew Up in Moville

My mom grew up in Moville, Iowa and we visited when we were kids.

It was a very small town in western Iowa.

What I remember most is visiting there in the summer and being eaten up by mosquitoes!

Grew Up in Denver

I grew up in Denver, so it was fun to go hang out in a small town where people didn’t lock their doors and left the keys in their cars in the driveway.

I don’t know what it is like now. My mom got the paper from there.

I seem to remember that there was some sort of liaison between the Moville Record and someone in Moville Ireland.

Sorry I am not more knowledgeable about my heritage or the town.

Thank you again for letting me know the dates so we can make plans.

When is the Dylanfest? We were hoping they would be close enough in time to go to both and travel between.