Moville’s Wise Virgins

Just over a week ago we warned CraicOn readers that they should get any money they need for the weekend from the cash machines.

It seems to happen every time that the local cash machines run out during bank holidays and other busy weekends.

We said that CraicOn readers, who took their money out early, would be like the Five Wise Virgins of the Bible who had prepared for the wedding feast.

Moville’s Foolish Virgins

Unfortunately, we had some other Movillians, who were like the Five Foolish Virgins of the Bible, who had not prepared for the wedding feast and so missed out.

Either that or they hadn’t read CraicOn – or hadn’t acted on our advice.

Of course, the local cash machines ran out of money over the Christmas weekend and some were caught out.

New Year’s Weekend

We have another busy weekend coming up and there must be a chance that the local cash machines will run out again.

CraicOn readers should be like the Wise Virgins and be prepared. They should get their money out early in the weekend.

Also, bread shouldn’t be too much of a problem for this weekend as New Year’s Day will be the only day that there won’t be a bread delivery.