Snow in Moville

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas sang Bing Crosby.

That great crooner and actor, Bing, may have passed on but a lot of people still hanker after a White Christmas.

I remember, as a youngster, going to midnight mass in Greenock at Christmas.

When we all went in there was no snow.

A Dream Come True

It must have started just about as soon as we got in because when we got out there was several inches of snow.

Some youngster, whom God owed a favour, must have prayed for it. Perhaps I prayed for it.

It was even banked up in some places.

It was pure virgin white snow as well.

There was great merriment and enjoyment as youngsters like myself threw snowballs.

A Wonderful Christmas Time

It was all people coming out of mass could talk about.

They lingered long!

It was wonderful.

It was one of my favourite memories of my childhood.

Maybe there will be a White Christmas this year too.

It’s already started on Christmas Eve according to this picture taken by Enda Craig.