Moville Couple

I went over to see my parents in Greenock two weekends ago.

I stayed at the very pleasant Tontine Hotel for my weekend stay.

I walked into the lounge and picked a nice comfortable seat where I could sit, have a cup of tea and read my newspaper.

Small World

I heard behind me “Well, well! It IS a small world”.

I was astonished to see a well-renowned Moville man sitting in the seats opposite me along with his partner, who is also from Moville.

I was astonished.

I couldn’t think of any connection either he, or she, had with Greenock or the area.


It seems that they had just come back from a cruise to the Caribbean and their ship had docked at Greenock pier.

They were just staying the night in the Tontine.

I saw them several more times that day and the next day at breakfast.

Couple from Moville

It really is a small world.

The last people I would have expected to see in Greenock were a couple from Moville.

I think they enjoyed their stay.