For most people the most important element of the Christmas season is that of family. It’s a time for family to spend time together and enjoy the festive period. Sometimes we take it for granted and it’s not until we have a family member living away that we truly appreciate what it means to be together at this time of year.
Having watched the movie ‘Brooklyn’ twice in recent weeks I have even more appreciation for this time of year and the opportunity to spend it with my family. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must have been in years gone by having children living so far away and no contact on Christmas Day. Many mothers like myself who have experienced this have surely cried a tear during the said movie.
Just yesterday a local mother from the Muff area tagged me on her Twitter photo. It brought a tear to my eye once more as I was experiencing just this one year ago. This mother was at Dublin airport awaiting the arrival home of one of her children for Christmas. The image had the words at the airport arrival doors: ‘The best Christmas present ever, is about to walk through these doors’.
airport welcome
Christmas 2013 was my first one minus one of my children. Although I was happy that he was experiencing the festivities in a completely different environment, it left a sadness hanging over the family throughout the season. However, unlike those mothers in ‘Brooklyn’ time I was able to speak and even ‘see’ my son daily during that Christmas.
Yesterday and today, the local mother from the Twitter pic, Marie, welcomed home her entire family for Christmas. On seeing her photo tonight on facebook I just had to share this (with her permission). Marie and her husband have 5 children and all living away from the homestead. How amazing that tonight she gets to begin celebrating Christmas 2015 with all 5 offspring under her roof.
Lindsay family picture
From all over the world they have come. But tonight they reside in the homestead of Iskaheen where I don’t doubt celebrations will be at the fore. Where family love will prevail. The true meaning of Christmas is here in this one photograph. Family.
Chirstmas is the celebration of God’s family. What better way for us to celebrate it than with our very own family. Here’s to each and every family enjoying their Christmas 2015.