Tony Bramwell

A number of people have told me, recently, that they’ve seem ex Beatles Road Manager, Tony Bramwell, on TV.

Tony is a regular at Moville’s BeatlesFest on the Lough,

He’s been here at every BeatlesFest bar one since 2010 and came to one DylanFest too.

He also came back a couple of times as a judge at our two Songwriter Contests.

Many of you will have had a chat with him.

Beatles Special

He’s now been in touch with the following message.

“I’m on RTE TV on 27th December at 7.30pm ! Beatles special! Tell your reader!

I think he means ‘readers’ and not ‘reader’ – unless it is that celebrated Scouse wit.

So, keep an eye out a couple of days after Christmas for the Beatles Special on RTE and see Tony.