Stairway to Shrove Beach

It’s one of those things that once it is in place you wonder why it wasn’t there before, i.e. a pathway down to Shrove Beach.

It was just so obviously needed.

Everyone just clambered down the sandy path (if you could call it that) that was there before.

It’s a great beach and it’s nice to see the new pathway down there.

That should encourage more people to come.

Shop at Shrove Beach

Do you remember the little shop that used to be there just as you went down to the beach?

I don’t think it is too many years since it closed.

Maybe my memory is playing me tricks and it is quite long ago.

Often I tell people that something was about three years ago and find out it was about six or seven years ago.

Donkey on Shrove Beach

Do you remember, also, the donkey that used to be on Shrove Beach, where you would ride the donkey along the beach for sixpence, I think it was?

So, it’s good news that they have that new pathway down to the beach.

I’m told that they are going to try to stop the beach eroding too.

That would be good. It would be a shame if it all just eroded away.