Moville Music Festivals Programme

Those people who are from Moville but living and working away from home should put these dates in their calendar.

Those regular visitors to Moville, from Scotland and elsewhere should take a note of them too.

Here is the programme of events for Moville’s music festivals in 2016.

Moville Music Festival Dates

June 2nd to 6th – National Songwriters Festival

June 24th to 26th – Parton With Cash Country Music Festival

July 28th to 31st – BeatlesFest on the Lough

August 25th to 28th – Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough.

Although it is called the Parton With Cash festival it will be a country music festival with Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash featured heavily but not only those.

Songwriters Contest

There will also be a Songwriters Contest as well as a Songwriters festival but we haven’t finalised the dates for that.

I should think it would start in January or February and finish in April or May.

I had to finalize the dates for the other ones so that I could get them on the Failte Calendar of Events the entry for which closed at 9pm tonight.

I just got the Parton With Cash festival on there with just 2 minutes to spare.

Festivals on Failte Calendar

We often get our festivals on calendars that other festivals around here don’t, such as The Gathering Calendar of Events and the Derry City of Culture one too.

There are two main reasons for that.

Very often the committees for the festivals don’t meet till the New Year when the calendars have to be finalised by November or early December.

The other reason is that there is no committee to have to agree a decision on what is said in the Calendars of Events.

If someone just took it upon themselves they would be open to criticism whereas I don’t have that problem.

Committee of One

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a bit of help especially when I see committees meeting in pubs that are 10 or 15 strong.

However, there are other times, like this, when it is easier to take a decision when there is no committee.

Perhaps the DylanFest and BeatlesFest would have collapsed ages ago if there had been a committee.

I’m told that bookings are already being taken for the DylanFest next August.

Lets hope it is a bumper year for Moville and the festivals.

I shall certainly do my best to try to make it be so.