Debbie and Geraldine

They were one of the most popular acts in Moville.

They sprung to fame, at least locally, at the Songwriter Contest, where one of their songs not only made the final in the Sean Ti, but won second place

They only lost out to a great song, When Do We Fall (click on it) by Cork man, Lawrence Hackett, and just edging out a great song from a Dublin man, Sean O’Neill,

Busker Abu Appearance

After that they went from strength to strength.

Indeed they appeared on TG$’s Busker Abu, at the RTE Studios in Dublin, in the contest to find the best busker in Ireland.

They made the sing-off for the last two in their heat of 8 acts only losing on a split decision of the judges.

Indeed, the judge who voted for them said it wasn’t even close and was astonished that the other two judges voted for the other act.

Summer Break Up

However, earlier this year, Debbie took herself off to Spain for an extended period.

Geraldine moved on and played with another act.

Would they get back together or was it finished?

Comeback in Rosatos

Now, I hear news from Rosatos that they will be making their comeback in Rosatos on Saturday night.

They were always the act to get people up dancing on the floor in Rosatos.

Their voices just blended perfectly.

It will be well worthwhile looking in to Rosatos on Saturday night to see their comeback.