And so it was that time to finally enjoy the house-warming meal with the Muff lady who left town! Yes one of our very own departed the home village and returned to the land of her youth, Carndonagh. And after her settling in period, she was ready to welcome the ladies to dinner.
Prior to last night in the new pad, the Muff Ladies were planning on how to get there. There were suggestions of one gal cycling and taking another on the bar: but that left the young gal (that would be me) running along behind so I nailed that idea on the head. And then it was taxi services to the rescue. So as I raided my Christmas Piggy bank to pay the fare, a new taxi came upon the scene. A new Muff lady came into the equation and offered to drive the crazy gang down. The poor new addition is most likely regretting her decision this morning! But here’s hoping maybe not!
The new additon is going to be a very welcomed lady. On the drive down she told us about how she has learned to make ‘magic money’ for nights out and ‘magic money’ to buy drinks. We ladies can’t wait for our next outing where this new lady can rustle up her ‘magic money’ and we can sit back and enjoy! How lucky are we that we’ve found her. And not only that but it just means that we’ll never break the law again! As if we ever did!
The new pad we did arrive at and on entering, the home cooked aroma awakened our senses (mind you some of the senses are long gone with this lot). The homely atmosphere welcomed us and the homely and delightful family welcomed us. We may have been a little distance from Muff but we really did feel at home.
Lots of delicious food was prepared and little of it was wasted. What we thought was going to be a ‘little bite to eat’ turned into a four course home prepared meal….oh and there was wine! And to top if off our food was served on American china. How posh are we!
As always the chitter was, as the man says, ‘nine to the dozen’. At NO time did we ‘gossip’ it was ‘opinions’ all the way. We ladies have once more sorted the world. From gender identity to menopausal life, it was all ritified. I learned that ‘sage’ is not just something I put in my soup; those sweating periods might not be the result of the heating being on too high; that throwing the bedclothes off me repeatedly might have more relevance that I’d first thought, and perhaps the most economical lesson learned is that we women provide our men with a ready made central heating system at night-time. I think I can start cutting back on my coal!
Muff Ladies
And there was the talk of that dreaded ‘aging’ process. Not only do those sweaty periods indicate that age is creeping along but it’s time to realise we’re not going backwards. Had it not been for the sensible taxi we could have ended up going home backwards last night though! Like everyone, we don’t want to get old and we don’t want to forget. But as time goes by the aging process is something we really can’t control and just have to make of it the very best we can. With night’s like this I’m sure we ladies will indeed make the best of our time! Maybe the best and more sometimes!
Ah bless our wee cotton socks, but if we ruled the world, it really would be a much more fun place to live. But thankfully having a gang like this to dine with every month already makes the world a very fun place to live. Muff Ladies here’s to the next gathering and putting all those ‘wrong’s to right’ once more.