Colum Eastwood

The new SDLP leader in Northern Ireland is Colum Eastwood, who has just won the party’s election.

He’s only 32 and beat someone 34 years older than him.

He’s obviously a man for the future and may help revive the SDLP in Northern Ireland.

He comes from Derry, where he had been Mayor.

Rosatos Customer

He’s also a regular customer at Rosatos in Moville (and a Friend of DylanFest on Facebook) so he knows what is going on here.

Of course, another ex-SDLP leader, John Home, is also a regular customer in Rosatos – Ireland’s Greatest Man in Ireland’s Greatest Bar (according to Sunday World’s Pub Spy).

Considering that it is a small town in what Dubliners call the back of beyond, it’s quite a good place to spot famous people

Famous People

Actress Bronagh Gallagher, actor Richard Coyle, actress Ruth Bradley from Grabbers and Beatles road manager Tony Bramwell can also be spotted there.

Indeed, Tony says that Rosatos is one of his favourite bars in the world – and he’s been in most of them.

Tony Bramell and his friend

Tony Bramell and his friend outside Rosatos

The late Gerry Anderson was also a regular there during the DylanFest.

So, you don’t need to go to Dublin or London to mingle with the famous.