From Enda Craig

See first Enda Craig Demands Info from County Manager to which this letter refers.

Dear Ms. (name withheld),

Thank you for your recent email response of the 9th inst.

Definition of circulate: To spread widely among persons or places: disseminate

The Donegal News had virtually zero copies ( no circulation ) for sale in the Moville/Greencastle area in Jan 2009 as against the nominated local papers ( see named papers on DCC website ) which sold hundreds in the locality.

Discharge Notice in Donegal News

That Donegal Co. Cl. deliberately advertised the mentioned discharge notice in a non-circulating paper ( while at the same time ignoring their own published list ) and thereby minimised the possibility of local people actually seeing it, was both cynical and unacceptable .

This can only be described as premeditated deception.

That the EPA would acquiesce with such behaviour is simply beyond belief.

The Community For a Clean Estuary group reserves the right to seek higher adjudication of the probity of this notice in the event of it being accepted by the EPA in its present form,

Yours sincerely,

Enda Craig Spokespeson CFCE